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Hi Robert, thanks for our wee chat a Quarrymill yesterday at the pond watching the kingfisher. I'm going to return with the Sigma 150-500mm. What was that lens you were using again ? I remember it being 150-600mm but not the make.
Love your photos by the way !
Iain Wilkie

What patience!

Hello Robert,
Found your site after picking up the latest copy of Destiny. Being a former photographer myself, I am amazed at the patience required in order to produce your stunning images.
You make me appreciate just how lucky we are to have such a range of wildlife on our doorstep.
Fine work indeed and many thanks.
Chris M Evans

Night out

Love the pic of the deer at I think murryshall in the dark keep up the good work Owen...
Owen Moran


Hello Robert,

Very nice to meet you last night on the Coronation Way. Loved the gallery of photos - its a great collection of wildlife images. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully see you again out and about soon. Very best, Nial and Sophie (eventually to be residents of St Martins!)
Sophie and Nial

Lovely shots

Met your very charming daughter on the train today. She told me to check out your site, so I did! Some lovely shots, especially the Roe Deer, a particular favourite of mine. Keep up the great work!
Very best wishes
Gordon Buchanan

Wildlife gallery

Hi Robert just finished browsing your pictures ,they are beautiful and so natural just catching the wildlife in their natural environment . The foxes and roe deer particularly stunning
Gail and dale cochrane


Love the hawfinch and the Roe buck well done Grandad


I enjoyed stopping by and checking out your website, lovely roe deer!
andy rouse

latest pics

good pic. of mink. fawn ,gooseander well done Grandad.
owen moran

Fox on the steam mudbank

The homepage photo of the fox on the mudbank is my favourite. would make a good print
ellis welsh


Hi Robert,
It was great to meet you yesterday at Quarrymill. Really enjoyed our chat and your gallery photos are fantastic. Especially loving the beaver and fox photos but they are all stunning!
Rhona Forrester
Rhona Forrester


Gradpa Bob I love the photos of the fox!
owen moran

your website

Brilliant photos Robert. Well done.
Malcolm Harcus

Murrayshall Wildlife

Hi Robert,
It was lovely to talk to you yesterday and look at some of your stunning photographs, your depth of knowledge on not only wildlife but birds, flowers and the local area is incredibly in depth and vastly detailed, your ability to catch fauna, flora, birds and animals in just the correct light and perspective is a real gift. I had no idea our grounds and estate were so full of amazingly beautiful things, just goes to show we all look but we do not always see.
Catherine Evans

your website

Hi Bob....looking good!
Paul Innes


Hi Bob,
Great to meet you this morning. had a look at your galleries. Love the great shots of the birds. missed the heron again today, too many people around for it to settle.
Its a waiting game...!

Great meeting you
All the best
John McLean
John McLean

Chance Meeting

Hi Robert,
Nice to bump into you yesterday. I love your photos! Some crackers in there.

Neil Winton

a walk in the countryside

Hi Bob it's like a walk in this beautiful countryside, going through your website keep up the good work regards Ian
Ian bowdler

Quarry Mill - 25th April '12

Met you walking your dog this morning. Pity it is still raining today. Immpressive photos you've got here. Keep up the good work! Let me know your email and I'll send over some of the snaps I've taken with the Sony Nex 5N if you would like. Regards, Andy
Andrew Beattie

Great photos

We have just moved to Scone and after having walked up to the Lyndoch monument I stumbled across your website when looking for some history. Your shots of the great "local" variety of less often seen birds is really excellent.


Hi Bob
Came straight back from Quarry mill and looked at your website. Fabulous photographs, really enjoyed looking at the gallery. Keep taking photos and I will keep watching the river and let you know if our friend the otter arrives.
Nice meeting you
katrina Irvine

Bob - I had a proper look through the photos when I got home. Fantastic is all I can say. Ill give you a call next time I'm going flying at Scone and your very welcome to come for the ride.

Ali Nicol

Fire 1 snow clearing

Hi Bob, thanks for the photos of our vehicle at the Airport , we never knew clearing snow could look so angelic , you have made a mundane task a work of art .
Gerry King

Your website

My husband Peter and I very much enjoyed meeting you this evening. Your website is super: we're placing it amongst our Favourites. All your photographs are lovely, but I find the photo of the otter with flounder just tremendous.
Margaret Borland-Stroyan

Your photographs.

Hi Bob, You are doing a grand job promoting the wild life on our door step, keep up the good work. Still have not seen the kingfisher on its perch!
Best wishes Dave D.
david donald

Your site

Hi Robert
We have actually met when I was looking after my brother's dog Macks a few weeks ago. John has sent me details of your site, as I'm interested in wildlife.

May I say, your photographs are really lovely - so detailed and informative, and lovely to view as a whole as well.

I've put your site on my bookmarks, so - keep snapping!!

Best wishes, Andrina McCormack
Andrina McCormack


As always, your photos are fantastic.


Hi Bob, about an hour after you left two of the Sea Eagles were flying with us on the slope.

Great web site and photo's. Makes me want to get out and take photo's.

Geoff Nicol


Had a look at your site at long last. Very impressed with your stunning pictures, you're really talented! Esp like the birds and wildlife.
Sarah Honeyman

your site

Well done on a lovely site with some great photos.

Your website

Hi! Bob great to have a chat with you the other night at Bonhard have been looking at your website absolutely fantastic Keep up the good work
Malcolm McNaughton

barn owls

Hello Robert,

I enjoyed meeting and talking to you on Monday - seeing the tawny owl was a real treat! I volunteer at Vane Farm and wondered if you know about BOOLS (Barn Owls of Lowland Scotland)as you told me you have a project on barn owls this year. The web site is from where you can download a copy of the newsletter. Good luck. Lyn Willsher
Lyn Willsher


Checked out your site, absolutely great!

Enjoyed meeting you at Evelick today.
Ian Morrison

Great website

As usual you seem to get into better positions than I do, I will just have to try harder.
New layout of the site is good, braw pictures as usual.
Will also have to get out more often
Ellis Welsh


Dad your website is fantastic!!! I'm glad we share this common interest. I thank you for all the knowledge that you've shared with me over the years, and that you now share with your grandson.x
Hazel Moran


Hi Bob, found your website, it was the first thing I did when I got home after meeting you and the dogs in Highfield Woods. Your patience has been rewarded, some great pictures.
Campbell Scott


Superb photos, well done. Keep it up.

Bill McIntosh , Dupplin Estate. Perth
Bill McIntosh

guest book comments

some fantastic photos Bob, well done, Vernon.
vernon waters


Fabulous photos ! Am all inspired to go out & find some wildlife now.
Helen Rix

sign guest book

exellent website with great gallery pics,hope to see more from the canon 1dmk2n i sold you.good luck.
steve ashton


Fantastic waterfall at Quarrymill
Sonia Johnson


Hi Bob.
Had a wee tour of your gallery liked it a lot.
Sandy. Tummel Bridge

Talk at Scone Guild

Thoroughly enjoyed your talk and have visited your gallery. Bob well impressed.
bob and ann gellatly

Nice site

Hi Dad - the site looks good.

Martin Smith